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World and the global warming.
As we all know the world is facing global warming. The climate is taking turbulent changes. With every year passed we are facing different types of weather patterns. And it’s a matter of fact that nature always has its reasons for any type of shift. We already know that the biggest reason behind global warming is the industrial revolutions. And how the ozone layer is being destroyed in last couple of decades. And how the heat is covering the world in its blanket. These are the facts we babble about almost every time in our daily lives.
Concept behind Recycled art.
In last few decades we have seen that world came up with so many unique and distinguishing ideas to actually eradicate such phenomena’s like global warming etc. And recycled art is one of those ideas. Recycled Art is basically operates with the concept of Art from scrap. Art from scrap have further categories like Scrap metal art, plastic art, etc. If we explicitly discuss then there are so many noble reasons are hidden behind the concept recycled art. E.g. the population of world is increasing and so the resources of world are getting limited. And in such a situation wasting the resources would not be a good gesture. Another reason is to fight against global , now the biggest question here is that how friendly the process of recycled art itself is to the realm in which we all are residing? How much toxicity it generates while actually creating Art from scrap ? And there are so many questionable questions come up in mind when we get concerned about nature.
The Green supply chain.
And before we commence the quest of finding answers to these questions, I would like to share the concept of green supply chain. As a matter of fact every company’s supply chain from procurement or logistics to production has certain impact on environment. Impact would be a small word in 21st century I would say the collaborated supply chain index have a complete influence on the environment. The shift and the change in the climate in the bigger picture have severely caused by the supply chains of the different industries. But different events forced industries to ‘GO GREEN’ and become eco friendly. And the idea of green supply chains initiates with bringing in environmental friendly inputs, processing them with environmental friendly processes, and creating products or byproducts those are environmental friendly. This sounds promising. Right?
How Recycled art can go green?