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Cartoons have been an integral part of entertainment since the early days of cinema, where the weekend matinee shows often played Disney animation like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and Tom and Jerry by Warner Brothers. Considering that these characters were ‘born’ in the 1930s, it is a feat in itself that they are still just as popular today, since the early cartoon video production was not as evolved as it is today. In a lot of ways a flash animation companies are turning out to be an effective tool in presenting products and services to the largest possible number of potential and existing customers. It is likewise an efficient means in promoting a company, its mission and visions, its targeted goals as well as its list of achievements to its niche audience. The production of videos presentations involves significant creative processes utilizing the latest in technology. Generally, corporate videos vary according to a company’s particular requirements.

The early cartoon video production involved hand-drawing each of the 24 frames that made up a second’s worth of the film. This tedious job was considerably eased when Earl Hud devised the animation cell, where each individual character was made on a separate cell and all the components of the scene were then merged together. This did away with drawing a static background again and again, since one background cell could be used in all the frames. By the time the 40’s ended, cartoons had become a staple on television. This meant that the cartoon video production had to happen faster to fulfill the weekly demand. This led to the drawings, form, and movement becoming less refined, and voice-overs filling up some of the gaps in the visuals.

Today, Cartoon video production has become faster and more realistic and natural because of computer animation. Using the supply of videos from video production companies has become an effective means of standing out in the areas of marketing and advertising as it’s helpful in promoting not only the products and services but also the company that offers them. It effectively imprints a lasting image or series of images to the target audience with the intention of optimized brand familiarization. Ultimately, gains of whatever company goal are realized, but mostly on maximizing profits.

The tedium associated with mass producing cells has been done away with by making the computers do all the monotonous work. Today video production companies require animators that are not just trained in graphics and drawing but also computer software programs. A video, especially one that is professionally done, will work to the advantage of the company as it presents a positive image of the company or group. One only has to ensure the high quality of the video and its contents and such efforts will surely upgrade the image of the company or organization in minds of clients, whether existing or prospective ones.