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These are essential to explain the textual content, giving it visual context so that the author gets the message across clearly. Illustrations present complex information in an easy to understand way. It is aptly said that a picture speaks a thousand words and is understood regardless of what language the reader speaks.
UK Educational illustrators literally bring a subject’s content to life. With complex information, illustrators must have the talent to draw. They need specialised knowledge of the subject they are working on. An in-depth awareness of the data enables the illustrator to create accurate illustrations. Some illustrators have the educational qualification of a particular subject area combined with artistic skills. Their ability to communicate intricate subjects in a simple way through their drawings to a diverse audience puts them in high demand. The educational illustrator in UK has the ability to convey the concept or idea in such a way that it is interpreted the way it was meant to be.
Illustrations play an important roleLine art drawings, photos, pen and ink and line art drawings help interpret written text meaningfully and illustrators create these images. As artists, they complement the text with suitable images, simplifying complicated ideas that may not be so easy to explain with written text. Educational illustrators also create drawings for magazines, periodicals, journals and other academic materials that include promotional flyers and brochures.

Illustrators are adept at using a variety of art materialsUK educational illustrators use a range of art material to create their drawings, While some work with pen and ink, others may use water color, oils, chalk and other materials depending on the text to be illustrated. Some create rough sketches and use the digital format and special software packages to enhance and add effects.